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Sun Defence SPF 50 Colour
Sensitive skins that cannot tolerate the sun. Prevents the signs of cutaneous photo-aging and pigmentation alterations. Indicated for use during pregnancy and for situations of intense solar radiation (sea, mountains, beach, etc.). Prevents the symptoms o

Sun Defence SPF 50 Colour


Ingredientes activos

Emulsion formulated with very well tolerated sun screens such as Tinosorb M, an organic and photo-stable screen with a double mechanism of action: absorption and reflection of radiation. Prevents the appearance of wrinkles and stains caused by exposure to the sun. It also combats the harmful action of free radicals due to its content of vitamin E and grape polyphenols, preventing premature aging of the skin. Compliant with European Sun Protection Recommendations.
ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Sun screens (UVA+UVB+IR), vitamin E, grape polyphenols, soothing plant extracts (mistletoe, camomile, fennel, lemon balm, yarrow, hop). METHOD OF USE: Apply on clean and dry skin, massaging gently until completely absorbed. PRESENTATION: 50 ml tube.
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